Fair, open and with integrity

All employees are aware of their responsibility towards Form Thermit, spol. s.r.o. and all of them create and share quality policy of the company expressed in following:

  1. The primary focus of the company is to meet customers' expectations. Together with our customers, we create valuable partnerships with the aim to fulfil their demands on our products.
  2. With help of our dedicated employees and efficient processes we achieve excellent results with maximum benefits for our customers.
  3. Our production processes meet the standards of quality, safety and environmental friendliness and correspond to the economic requirements.
  4. Long-term business objectives represent constant progress of processes, increased efficiency, and the sustainable use of natural resources.
  5. We encourage a trust of our customers, employees and towards public through an open communication.
  6. Fair operating principles are foundation of our business. Our company's success is based on satisfied customers, motivated employees and a reasonable profit.

House of Compliance

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We are at your service: in the Czech Republic, Europe and all around the world.

We are at your service: in Germany, Europe and all around the world. Are you interested in our range of products and services or have a question? Please contact us. We are ready to help you.

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